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About the company

Why Leader Team?

1. We are a national company

  • Our geography: more than 40 offices (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan);
  • Our specialists: over 20 000 merchandisers, cashiers, sales-floor workers, warehouse and production personnel;
  • Our scale of operations: we work with all national self-service retailers;

2. We are experts in what we do

  • 10 years of success;
  • A team of experienced professionals;
  • Market leaders are our partners;
  • Over 1 500 successful projects;

3. Working with us is profitable

  • We help to optimize business processes and save up to 20% on our clients’ costs associated with promotion, human resources and financial accounting;

4. We use innovation

  • We invest in innovation and apply advanced technologies to data collection, reporting and analysis;
  • We use advanced distant learning technologies to train field employees

LeaderTeam is a national company with broad geographic coverage operating in Russia and the CIS countries.

Leader Team provides a wide range of high-quality services in the following areas:

  • sales management,
  • personnel management,
  • consumer marketing,
  • control and accounting.

We operate all through Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan and guarantee to deliver the same quality of services at any geographic location. Many clients fully trust us to deliver turnkey package services to them. That enables our clients to reduce resource consumption associated with managing non-core daily activities and to focus on the core business tasks and activities.

Our activities are transparent and therefore can be easily monitored at each stage due to the timeliness of reporting and feedback. You will understand clearly what we are doing, when and why in order to help your business to grow and prosper.

Why do you have to choose Leader Team?

  • o We are a large national company; we work with all national self-service retailers. We have more than 40 offices and over 20,000 employees: merchandisers, cashiers, sales-floor workers, warehouse and production personnel, experienced managers, who have implemented hundreds successful projects. We understand what you need and how to achieve it.
  • o Many well-known giant companies trust us and 80% of our key clients have been using our services for over 5 years.
  • o We are constantly improving, we master and introduce modern advanced technologies designed to promote sales and increase your business efficiency.

Collaborate with Leader Team to achieve market leadership!

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